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Prof. dr. Rosemarie Buikema
Rosemarie Buikema is professor of Art, Culture and Diversity, Utrecht University. She is the scientific director of the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University, the Utrecht coordinator of GEMMA, the Erasmus Mundus joint degree in Gender and Women’s Studies in Europe and the scientific director of the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies. Next to this she co-chairs the UU IOS Hub Gender and Diversity: Building an Inclusive Society and she is the initiator and project leader of MOED, Museum of Equality and Difference.
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Prof. dr. Berteke Waaldijk
Berteke Waaldijk is professor of Language- and Culture Studies at the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University and works at the Graduate Gender Programme. Waaldijk’s research focuses on gender, culture and citizenship. She publishes on history and gender of Social Work in the Netherlands and in Europe, on colonial culture and citizenship, on history of Dutch Women’s movements and on gender, history and philosophy of the humanities.
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Prof. dr. Sandra Ponzanesi
Sandra Ponzanesi is professor of Gender and Postcolonial Studies at the department of Media and Culture Studies/Graduate Gender Program at Utrecht University. She studied English and Commonwealth Studies at the University of Bologna (Italy) and University of Sussex (UK). Her expertise is gender and postcolonial critique from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. Her research areas include postcolonial studies, transnational feminist theories, comparative literature, Italian colonial history, European migration studies, visual culture, postcolonial cinema, media and conflict studies.
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dr. Eva Midden
Eva Midden is Assistant Professor in Gender Studies, at the Media and Culture Studies Department, at Utrecht University. She has a master’s degree in Political Science from the University of Leiden (Netherlands) and a PhD in Philosophy (University of Central Lancashire, United Kingdom). Midden’s current research focuses on gender, religion and national identity in the context of conversion to Islam. Her general research interests include feminists theory, postcolonial theory, intersectionality, (post)secular(ism), whiteness and media analysis.
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dr. Domitilla Olivieri
Domitilla Olivieri is Assistant Professor at the department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. Domitilla is an anthropologist, activist, researcher and teacher in the field of gender studies, media and society. She is active in academic, artistic and activist spaces and has been involved for many years in feminist, queer and anti-racist and anti-capitalist militant activism.
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Christine quinan

dr. Christine Quinan
Christine Quinan joined the Gender Studies staff as Assistant Professor at Utrecht University in 2014 after teaching at and earning a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Christine works at the intersection of queer/trans studies, postcolonial studies, and critical security studies and is currently at work on a project that investigates gender policing and surveillance in a post-9/11, postcolonial/neocolonial era and the effects this has on trans and gender diverse bodies and lives. 
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dr. Kathrin Thiele
Kathrin Thiele is Associate Professor of Gender Studies and Critical Theory in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. Trained trans-disciplinarily in Gender Studies, Sociology, Literary Studies and Critical Theory, her research focuses on questions of ethics and politics from queer feminist, decolonial and posthuman(ist) perspectives.
As core faculty of the Graduate Gender Programme, Kathrin Thiele teaches and supervises on all levels in Gender Studies (BA, MA, Research MA, PhD), and she is also programme coordinator (together with C. Quinan) of the Research MA ‘Gender Studies’.
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dr. Koen Leurs
Koen Leurs is Assistant Professor in Gender and Postcolonial studies at the Graduate Gender Program, Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. He works on digital migration, and he is the principal investigator of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research-funded study “Young Connected Migrants. Comparing Digital Practices of Young Asylum Seekers and Expatriates in the Netherlands,” and the Dutch National Research Agenda funded participatory action research project “Media literacy through Making Media: A Key to Participation for Young Newcomers.”
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dr. Layal Ftouni
Layal Frouni is a Lecturer at the Graduate Gender Programme. She earned her PhD from the University of Westminster. She was also a visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster and SOAS, University of London. Her dissertation, titled Dismantling or Reproducing the Orientalist Canon? examines Neo-Orientalism in contemporary visual arts with a specific focus on photography. Layal’s research interests include cultural and post-colonial studies, theory and criticism of art and feminist and gender studies. She is a co-founder of Arab Cultural Studies Group and has been working on a book with Tarik Sabry titled Arab Subcultures: Transformations in Theory and Practice where she contributes a chapter on Egyptian Surrealism.
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dr. Magdalena Górska
Magdalena Górska is Assistant Professor at the Graduate Gender Program, Department of Media and Culture Studies at Utrecht University. She holds doctorate in philosophy from the Department of Thematic Studies – Gender Studies at Linköping University. Magdalena’s research focuses on feminist politics of vulnerability. She is the author of Breathing Matters: Feminist Intersectional Politics of Vulnerability and a founder of the Breathing Matters Network.
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dr. Gianmaria Colpani
Gianmaria Colpani is a Lecturer at the Graduate Gender Programme. He obtained his PhD in Philosophy and Gender Studies at the University of Verona (Italy) and Utrecht University (the Netherlands) in May 2017. His research concerns contemporary transformations in the field of queer theory and sexual politics, especially as the latter intersect with issues of race and class. He is particularly interested in the emergence over the past twenty years of the theorico-political currents of queer Marxism, queer of color critique and queer diasporic critique. Additional interests are: the history of the field of cultural studies and the relations between Marxism and so-called post-Marxism.
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milica trakilovic

Milica Trakilovic, MA
Milica Trakilovic is a PhD student in the Graduate Gender Programme at Utrecht University. She is also teaching in the Department of Media and Culture Studies at UU; primarily in the Gender Studies and Postcolonial Studies minors. Additionally, she is Research Assistant at the European University Institute in Florence, in the ERC project Bodies Across Borders: Oral and Visual Memory in Europe and Beyond (BABE). Her research interests focus on visual culture, feminist art, postcolonial configurations and postsocialist transitions, which are consolidated in studying at art as a border-crossing practice in Europe.
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Vasso Belia, MA
Vasso teaches in the Gender Studies and Postcolonial Studies minors. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Theatre Studies and English Language and Literature (University of Athens), a master’s degree in Cultural Management (Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences), and a research master’s degree in Gender Studies (Utrecht University). Her research interests include feminist theory, literature, comics and art.
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