Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies
The Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies (NOG) provides a national platform for gender research and teaching by faculty members from various Dutch universities and it offers a highly successful training programme and environment for postgraduate and PhD students since 1995.The NOG teaching and research staff consists of an international team of professors and senior lecturers.

PCI (The Postcolonial Studies Initiative)
The Postcolonial Studies Initiative at Utrecht University is intended as a platform for research into postcolonial issues, specifically focused on their application within Europe. The PCI organises activities such as lectures, film series, masterclasses and seminars, striving for greater interaction with society at large. As such it brings together a number of researchers from diverse areas and disciplines, both from Utrecht University and from other universities.

GEMMA is the first Erasmus Mundus Master´s Degree in Women’s and Gender Studies in Europe. It is a programme of excellence supported by the European Commission, which first selected it as an Erasmus Mundus Master Course in 2006. In 2011 and 2017, GEMMA was once again selected for funding under the prestigious Erasmus Mundus brand and distinguished as “a pilot project and model in the field of Women´s Studies and Gender Studies in a European and global perspective”.

Ask Annabel 2.0
Ask Annabel 2.0 is the student organisation of the Gender Studies Programme at Utrecht University. Ask Annabel 2.0 stimulates critical thought and dialogue across (imaginary) lines of gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, class, education, capability. Ask Annabel 2.0 builds a bridge between theory and practice. They re-claim ‘feminism’ as a positive concept and bring together Gender Studies students in a playful and creative way. Ask Annabel 2.0 provides space to share personal experiences and sees the personal as political. Ask Annabel 2.0 aims to address and interest a non-academic and non-Gender Studies audience.

The European Association for Gender Research, Education and Documentation is a broad association for academics, practitioners, activists and institutions in the field of Women’s and Gender Studies, Feminist Research, women’s rights, gender equality and diversity. The association constitutes a permanent structure for the growing field of knowledge and practice in Europe.

Terra Critica
Terra Critica INCH is an international research network in the humanities, bringing together scholars specializing in critical and cultural theory. Its aim is to reexamine critical theory and critique under the conditions of the 21st century – given our immanent, terran existences, globally entangled across flows of capital, people, and ideas and living in ecological and economical multidependences.