Graduate Gender Programme

Visiting Scholars

The Graduate Gender Programme recognizes the value of a wider academic community to the research life of our programme and therefore welcomes postdoctoral scholars. We are especially happy to consider requests from individuals who are working in one of our research areas. More information on our research can be found here.

If you are interested in applying to visit the Graduate Gender Programme, please contact us at in the first instance. You will then be required to supply a full c.v. and an outline of the programme of work you wish to undertake during your visit, situating your work in relation to that of our programme. Your application will be seriously considered by the programme and we will get back to you within a limited timespan. Please note that we have to raise a benchfee. If accepted, visitors will be welcomed into the research community and platforms. They will be granted library access during the period of their stay and if possible a desk and computer will be arranged.

PhD students who are interested in coming to Utrecht can look at the website of the Netherlands Research School of Gender Studies for information on the various options.

Utrecht University has exchange and scholarships programmes with various universities in the world. Within these programmes the Gender programme welcomed the following scholars since 2005:

• Dr. Liamar Duran Almarza  (University of Oviedo, Spain 2022-2023)
• Dr. Oscar Alonso Alvarez (University of Oviedo, Spain 2022-2023)
• Prof. Dr. Wu Qinghong (Jiangsu University, China 2022)
• Juliana Alcantara (PhD student, University of Coimbra, Portugal 2022)
• Glenda Belen del Rosario Huerto Vizcarra (PhD student, University of Oviedo, Spain 2021-2022)
• Angela Suarez Rodriguez (Phd student, University of Oviedo, Spain 2021)
• Dr. Ana Dragojlovic (University of Melbourne, Australia – 2018-2019)
• Mohammad Naeimi (PhD student, University of Verona, Italy – September-December 2018)
• Dr. Magda Faoro (La Sapienza, Italy – 2017-2018)
• Prof. Dr. Susan Rose (Dickinson College, USA – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2016)
• Dr. Shannon Winnubst (Ohio State University, USA – visiting scholar, 2015-2106)
• Dr. Jennifer Suchland (Ohio State University, USA – visiting scholar, 2015-2016)
• Dr. Anne Brewster (University of New South Wales, Australia – visiting scholar, 2015)
• Dr. Christine Quinan (University of Berkeley – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2014)
• Prof. Dr. Vicki Kirby (University of New South Wales, Australia – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2013)
• Dr. Kyla Schuller (Rutgers University, USA – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2012)
• Lorenzo Mari (PhD student, University of Bologna, Italy  – 2012)
• Viviana Premazzi (PhD student, University of Milan, Italy – 2012)
• Dr. Peta Hinton (University of New South Wales, Australia – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2012)
• Erin Stern (PhD student, University of Cape Town – UU Short Stay Fellowship South Africa, 2012)
• Salma Ashraf (PhD student, University of Hyderabad – UU Short Stay Fellowship China/India, 2012)
• Prof. Dr. Sanna Karkulehto (University of Jyväskylä, Finland – 2012)
• Dr. Judith Gerson (Rutgers University, USA – UU-Rutgers exchange, 2011/12)
• Chima Osakwe (PhD student, University of Toronto – UU Short Stay Fellowship Canada, 2011)
• Dr. Fadi Hirzalla (UU High Potential Program, 2010-2012)
• Nan Li (PhD student, Chinese University of Hong Kong – UU Short Stay Fellowship China/India, 2010)
• Christine Quinan (PhD student, University of Berkeley – UU Short Stay Fellowship North America, 2010)
• Carla Tsampiras (PhD student, Rhodes University – UU Short Stay Fellowship South Africa, 2010)
• Dr. Bettina Papenburg (EU Marie Curie IEF, 2009-2011)
• Dr. Sonia Fernandez Hoyos (University of Granada, 2009-2010)
• Dr. Iman Al-Ghafari (Tishreen University, Lattakia, Syria – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2010)
• Dr. Biljana Dojcinovic-Nesic (University of Belgade, Serbia – GEMMA visiting scholar, 2008)
• Jennifer Musto (PhD student, University of Los Angeles – UU-University of California exchange, 2008)
• Emily Clark (PhD student, University of Wisconsin-Madison – WUN Exchange, 2008)
• Prof. Dr. Marlene van Niekerk (University of Stellenbosch, Africa Chair – UU-South Africa exchange, 2007-2008)
• Dr. Ruth Holliday (University of Leeds, UK – WUN Exchange, 2007)
• Dr. Marsha Henry (University of Bristol, UK – WUN Exchange, 2007)
• Prof. Dr. Marguerite Waller (University of Riverside, USA – UU-University of California exchange, 2007)
• Wen Hua (PhD student, Chinese University of Hong Kong – UU Short Stay Fellowship China/India, 2007)
• Dr. Sarah Bracke (EU Marie Curie OIF, 2006-2008)
• Dr. Annie van den Oever (Koninklijke Vereniging van het Boekenvak, 2006)
• Dr. Natan Meir (University of Southampton, UK – 2005)
• Prof. Dr. Joanna Regulska (Rutgers University, USA – UU-Rutgers exchange, 2005)