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Key Publications

Buikema, R.L., & Plate, L. (Eds.). (2015). Handboek Genderstudies in media, kunst en cultuur. Coutinho

Het boek Handboek genderstudies in media, kunst en cultuur is hét handboek voor studenten genderstudies in de cultuur- en maatschappijwetenschappen. Het is een onmisbare gids voor docenten en studenten in het hoger onderwijs die op zoek zijn naar zowel een overzicht van de laatste ontwikkelingen als een introductie in de geschiedenis van feministische wetenschapsbeoefening. Tevens biedt het boek de geïnteresseerde leek een kleurrijk beeld van een jong en politiek geëngageerd vakgebied. Dit boek is een geheel herziene en aangevulde tweede druk van het boek Gender in media, kunst en cultuur (Uitgeverij Coutinho, 2007, eds. Rosemarie Buikema en Iris van der Tuin). Er zijn acht nieuwe hoofdstukken toegevoegd en de bestaande hoofdstukken zijn herschreven en geactualiseerd met hedendaagse voorbeelden, debatten en theorieën. Voor meer informatie, of om het boek te bestellen, zie de website van Coutinho


Buikema, R.L., Lykke, N. & Griffin, G. (Eds.). (2011). Theories and Methodologies in Postgraduate Feminist Research: Researching Differently. London/New York: Routledge.

This volume centers on theories and methodologies for postgraduate feminist researchers engaged in interdisciplinary research. In the context of globalization, this book gives special attention to cutting-edge approaches at the borders between humanities and social sciences and specific discipline-transgressing fields, such as feminist technoscience studies. Read more

Ponzanesi, S. & Blaagaard, B. (2011). Deconstructing Europe: Postcolonial Perspectives. London: Routledge.

This book engages with the question of what makes Europe postcolonial and how memory, whiteness and religion figure in representations and manifestations of European ‘identity’ and self-perception. To deconstruct Europe is necessary as its definition is now contested more than ever, both internally (through the proliferation of ethnic, religious, regional differences) and externally (Europe expanding its boundaries but closing its borders). Read more


Buikema, R.L. & Tuin, I. van der (2009). Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture. Londen: Routledge.

Doing Gender in Media, Art and Culture is an introductory text for students specialising in gender studies. The truly interdisciplinary and intergenerational approach bridges the gap between humanities and the social sciences, and it showcases the academic and social context in which gender studies has evolved. Complex contemporary phenomena such as globalisation, neo-liberalism and ‘fundamentalism’ are addressed that stir up new questions relevant to the study of culture. This vibrant and wide-ranging collection of essays is essential reading for anyone in need of an accessible but sophisticated guide to the very latest issues and concepts within gender studies. Read more

Thiele, K. (2008). The Thought of Becoming. Gilles Deleuze’s Poetics of Life. Berlin: diaphanes.

A concern for this world lies at the heart of discussing the relation between philosophy and ethics. Kathrin Thiele elaborates in this book that in such endeavor one has to argue against two common misperceptions. Instead of understanding philosophy and ethics as abstraction from the world, she shows in what sense both are constructive of it; and instead of following the opinion that the poststructuralist philosopher Gilles Deleuze cannot contribute anything to the debate at stake, she shows that his whole work is speaking but one formula: ›ontology = ethics‹. Read more

Wekker, G.D. (2006). The Politics of Passion. Women’s Sexual Culture in the Afro-Surinamese Diaspora. New York: Columbia University Press.

Gloria Wekker analyzes the phenomenon of mati work, an old practice among Afro-Surinamese working-class women in which marriage is rejected in favor of male and female sexual partners. Wekker vividly describes the lives of these women, who prefer to create alternative families of kin, lovers, and children, and gives a fascinating account of women’s sexuality that is not limited to either heterosexuality or same-sex sexuality. She offers new perspectives on the lives of Caribbean women, transnational gay and lesbian movements, and an Afro-Surinamese tradition that challenges conventional Western notions of marriage, gender, identity, and desire. Bringing these women’s voices to the forefront, she offers an extensive and groundbreaking analysis of the unique historical, religious, psychological, economic, linguistic, cultural, and political forces that have shaped their lives. Read more


Waaldijk, M.L. & Grever, M. (2004). Transforming the Public Sphere. The Dutch National Exhibition of Women’s Labor in 1898. Durham en Londen: Duke University Press.

In 1898, the year Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands was inaugurated, five hundred women organized an enormous public exhibition showcasing women’s contributions to Dutch society as workers in a strikingly broad array of professions. The National Exhibition of Women’s Labor, held in The Hague, was attended by more than ninety thousand visitors. Maria Grever and Berteke Waaldijk consider the exhibition in the international contexts of women’s history, visual culture, and imperialism. Read more

Essed, P., Frerks G. & Schrijvers J. Refugees and the Transformation of Societies: Agency, Policies, Ethics and Politics. New York & Oxford: Berghahn, 2004.

The refusal or reception of refugees has had serious implications for the social policies and social realities of numerous countries in east and west. Exploring experiences, interpretations and practices of ‘refugees,’ ‘the internally displaced’ and ‘returnees’ in or emerging from societies in violent conflict, this volume challenges prevailing orthodoxies and encourages new developments in refugee studies. It also addresses the ethics and politics of interventions by professionals and policy makers, using case studies of refugees from or in South Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and the Americas. These illustrate the dynamic nature of situations where refugees, policy- makers and practitioners interact in trying to construct new livelihoods in transforming societies. Read more